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I don’t know about the law but I do know common sense, no-one should be wearing anything in their ears when other than sat down. Too many dangers. I don’t wear anything in ears when biking, or driving, or walking.

Just search youtube for “idiot cyclist” “idiot pedestrian” etc I won’t share any links as I’m sure it breaks some kind of common decency.

And why I’m asking for Frames to exist and evolve to match cycling. The ears are not covered.

You can also augment reality with more safety. Imagine frames with a rear camera? Or it sense sounds coming from sound and alerts you. Or a camera in the front to record idiot drivers/pedestrians?

Cycling is more common in Europe where the carbon footprint is 1/3rd of the typical American.


So it’s not surprising a USA-centric product would not be considering cycling, but that’s why I’m here!

The more technique the more failure.
We all know.
I would never trust such a sophisticated thing, when biking.
You know what serious accidents can happen when biking.

I would not trust technology just benefit from it.

The reason I am interested in Frames, asked for them to come to exist, is does not block hearing, but it does allow glasses to become smarter in an augmentation of reality,boosting. I would still look left/right and assume drivers to be murderous and pedestrians to be stupid, but if the side of the frame would boost a threat via a sound then it’s making things a bit safer. No I would not think I’m wearing them therefore don’t need to look.