Cushions for headphones

Hi, is it possible to buy somewhere official or unofficial cushions for Soundcore Life Q30 headphones?

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Sorry, I don’t think so.

best place is to try

I have gotten replacement off Amazon for Beats but unsure if they have any for the q30. Depending on how they are put on other… they may have some that could be compatible but probably unlikely.

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Certainly worth a try - but most of these cheaper headphones (including my Q20s) don’t have pads that are designed to be replaceable. I think the assumption is that by the time those fail, you will be close to having poor battery life or other issues, and it isn’t worth making them modular.


I think you are probably right but also since some of those are Beats they tend to have more replacements by 3rd party companies for batteries and earcups and almost all parts. I am not sure if the q30 have that plastic backing on the earcups like the Beats so that you can twist them off and match them up to something on the web.

If they do not, I would not try to mess with them to fix as that could be a mess. With the current time frames, the headphones would still be under warranty.

If this is for modification to “beautify them”, you will most likely void the warranty.


Fair question, my oldest headphones are Bose QC35 and the pads failed before anything else.

But on the other hand the Bose cost like 4 times the price.


Hmmm not to my knowledge but it is possible I guess maybe something in the future

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One of the video reviewers posted up a somewhat complete tear down of the Q30s, and it looked like the cushions didn’t take much effort to take off… however once done, doubtful that you’d find replacements…

Wonder what the life expectancy would be with something like the ear cushions… normal wear and tear …

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Oh I’m using my Q30s with added, not replaced cushions for about a month or so, since the original ones became a bit too flat for me after two months of daily use. To avoid the harsh feedback squealing when lying on my side with ANC on, I ordered pleather replacement pads for the Sennheiser 4.5BT:

First I was contemplating whether or not to take off the original cushions. Removing their pad holders is safe and easy with the right tool (e.g. soft-medium guitar pick). Did it once in order to wash the cushions and underlying sweat sponge. They click back into place nicely. Couldn’t bring myself to tearing the cushions off of their holders, so I just put the Sennheiser replacements over them. Kinda like you put cushions on older AKG headphones and their Superlux copies (HD681). Double padded, they are super-comfy now and sound awesome just like they did before.

Edit: I think replacing the cushions would be just as easy. I’d just put the replacement on the ring-shaped cushion holders after removing the originals that are glued onto them. Then click them back on.


Perhaps next go, you take a vid and share with us? Would be cool to see how to do.

Of course you’d have to say, do so at your own peril… lol

Haha will do. But here’s a picture of how mine now look like with the added cushions (no need to take them apart):


Good to know as there is no 3rd party making those like the beats. My son is hard on those ear pads. Lol

Very cool, thanks for sharing… these look like super sharp and renewed :wink:

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are the q30s easy to replace the earcups on???

yeah after a week of itense use my cushions become flat too! please keep us posted for a good solid solution.

Nice response, practical and tested.

Still surprised that actually works well, but glad to hear it does.

Not too surprising the old ones flattened out eventually, that really soft feel can’t be quite as durable as stiffer options.

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Thanks for the responses guys! Please mind that the above mentioned link/cushions are now obsolete. While they did go on and are of really good quality, the fit is very tight and for my pair of Dumbo ears, they are a wee bit too small…

Today, another pair (same brand and identical in making+materials) has arrived and what can I say other than: Heureka! Found the perfect match. Pretty exact measures can be found in this link:

Better option: Replacement for Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800

The cushions are also perfect for Turtle Beach Stealth 700/1st Gen.
Size: 105mm x 85mm x 32mm or 4.1" x 3.35" x 1.26"

Perfect fit, easy to put on without removing the old ones, fairly good seal and would also be the correct size for replacing the old ones right away.

From my daily use (including sleeping on them) of their overstretched, smaller siblings, I can confirm the material and stitching is both durable and very comfy. The “memory foam” claim isn’t much to write home about, though. It is kinda memory foam but rather on the spongy side, going back into form quicker than the Q30s’ original pads.


Thanks for the info.

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Nice for an update for a good alternative.

Thanks @Cowonaut

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Hey guys,
What about these two ear pads?
Do you think they are fit for Q30?