Custom Flare Lights

I don’t think I’m alone in finding the music synced light show too fast and flashy for classical music . Is there a way to customize:

  1. Color set
  2. Slower speeds while still being responsive to music, perhaps varying intensity with volume? Rather than changing intensity and hue at breakneck speed

Have you downloaded the app and used it to customize your light show? I haven’t played with the app on mine in a while, but I remember you could change some settings

The only way to control the LED lights is from the app. I believe you can turn the lights off if you can’t find a pattern you like. But there is a way change and customize the light show. I just don’t know how much customization you can do.

LvB would have gotten crazy, playing his symphonies with such a “light organ”. :joy:
That’s for parties, the young ones like it, that’s great!

I believe there’s a setting for the lights in the app called “pulse” which I have used with classical music. It’s much slower, and looks very nice.

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@Rhapsody The app offers a certain amount of customisations for colours and light variations based on set templates, pulse, m-sync etc

No brick level customisations at present…