Customize Single click on Sport X10's

Just got the Sport X10’s, and so far I really like them! However I DO hope that we will be able to customize the single tap in a future update? That’s how I like to pause my music.

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Hopefully your suggestion will be seen and taken on board.

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You already can customise double click and press hold.

This left right single click is how I prefer it , intuitive. Single clicks are more accidental so I prefer they do the least , volume control is a perfect use for it.

I also like Volume up and down for my single click.

It might be there is only so much memory available for button customization?

For me, a single tap (My other gym earbuds are touch) is intuitive for pause. I know I can customize the other presses, but again, for me a single press/tap is intuitive. I’d think if they’re able to implement a customization for double-click and click-and-hold, they should be able to do single click.
Don’t the L3P’s have the same customization? I don’t recall as I returned all three of my L3P’s due to connectivity issues.

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Just send your all your suggestions to customer service by email

As I mentioned in the post above yours, they might not have enough memory available to be able to customize all the presses. I do believe the L3P are a little higher end, so having more memory wouldn’t be out of the question. Also for Soundcore folks having single press as volume up and down is intuitive.

PS I have 2 L3P’s and don’t have connectivity issues. My phone also has BT 5.1 so that might be part of it. I also live in a rural area which I think helps (not so much interference)…

Lastly, if you really want to know why and make a suggestion, I’d suggest E-Mailing Customer Support.

The X10 is a relatively recent product and it’s a very reasonable request to allow single press to be customisable.

I don’t know why they didn’t, the other controls are.

I’d personally leave them as is.

As suggested, put in email, increases chances it’s put into wishlist for next firmware/app update.