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If your earbuds support multipoint connection, how will you most likely to use this feature?

  • Connect with 2 mobile phones
  • Connect with 1 mobile phone and 1 tablet
  • Connect with 1 mobile phone and 1 PC/laptop
  • Connect with 1 mobile phone and 1 TV set
  • Connect with 1 mobile phone and 1 game console

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Would you use the multipoint connection on your earbuds in any of the following scenarios?
(multiple choice)

  • Play music from PC/laptop as BGM while using social media on your mobile phone
  • Answer or make calls on your mobile phone while watching a movie on PC/laptop
  • Answer or make calls on your mobile phone while on a video conference/online class

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@poppo.wang I will say being moderator on here and reading a lot of threads that I have seen a lot asking if they can be in meeting and playing music from their device (I am assuming seperately or at times it seemed like the same time.)

I think the other was similar to doing calls while being in a meeting.

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In current times being able to use on mobile for calls (or music :wink: ) while being able to switch back to video conferencing/support (which is now daily life) would be my choice by far.

Why isn’t tablet+pc an option?

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I’m usually only using for music, and when out and about on mobile don’t really listen to music on the go.

Would be helpful to bounce between phone and tablet “officially” and not cheat multipoint with using one earbud for one and one for the other. :wink:

Most usefull for is to answer calls while tgere is meeting on PC

The multipoint thing is cool, but Bluetooth is so bad about quality with the different profiles to start with. I don’t even know what happens when you start connecting them to different devices doing different things at the same time.

I hope this becomes a really great experience at some point, not sure it is close yet.

@poppo.wang nice to see your post

To be honest - This is not a “must” or “essential” feature, it is kind of “good” to have and can survive without it.

People working from home have dedicated headphones or speakers , and wouldn’t mix with headphones for phone and laptop at the same time

Rather would have liked the PartyCast functionality for Headphones, like Life Q10/20/30 or Liberty 2 Pro

Easy to pair multiple devices while using with smart TV or Fire TV.