Day 1 | The Ultimate Soundcore Gift Guide

Christmas is one of our favorite times of the year filled with delicious food, festive music (don’t act like you don’t secretly sing along to Christmas music), and giving and receiving gifts with family and friends.

While it can be pretty easy to think of gifts for your own Christmas list, finding that perfect gift for someone else can be quite challenging. So we’re here to help! Just like Santa’s little elves up at the North Pole, we’ve prepared a bunch of different gift ideas to inspire you!

And while you browse this gift guide, why not check out the Soundcore Christmas Playlist to put you in a really festive mood.


Some of these deals are time-limited and make sure to check back for updates throughout the week for new deals…

Liberty 2 Pro

Original Price: $149.99
Deal Price: $79.99
USA :us: - HERE
UK :uk: £59.99 - HERE

Liberty 2 Pro Upgraded Version

USA :us: - HERE


Original Price: $105.99
Deal Price: $84.99

Motion Boom

Original Price: $109.99
Deal Price: $87.99
UK :uk: £75.99 - HERE
DE :de: €79.99 - HERE

Life P3

Original Price: $79.99
Deal Price: $59.99
USA :us: - HERE
UK :uk: - £65.99 HERE
DE :de: - €67.99 HERE

Life Q30

Original Price: £79.99
Deal Price: £59.99
UK :uk: - HERE

Life Q35

Original Price: €129.99
Deal Price: €99.99
DE :de: - HERE

Flare 2

Original Price: $79.99
Deal Price: $49.99
USA :us: - HERE

View ALL deals :point_down:
:canada: HERE
:eu: HERE
:us: HERE
:uk: HERE


I gave 1 Q10 headphones to my polish friend recently.
This was a St. Claus present for his daughters.
Hope there will be not much trouble, because he got 3 daughters! :smiley:


Whilst I see one update to include a :canada: Deal, there are a couple other notables too :roll_eyes: I see the link to ALL :canada: deals now… :sleeping:

Of note… the liberty 2 pro, liberty air 2 pro and the motion boom :+1:

Nice Christmas list of songs. :wink:

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Several nice deals here that “sounds sweet” (pun intended).

Awesome @Hannah, some great deals available! Thank you.

Thanks for the Spotify playlist - lots of classic Christmas songs :notes: - have just spent the last hour listening to it whilst decorating our Christmas tree!! :christmas_tree:


Love the song list. I been listening to a station around my area (V100) that has been playing Christmas music since Nov. 12. :slight_smile:

Liberty 2 pros are at a great price right now. Very Nice…

Thanks for this gift guide and the lovely playlist! Happy December all! :christmas_tree:

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Nice post. Thanks for gift guide.

OK, On the photo they have for this thread, you see the musical notes. I thought it would have been fun if the notes sounded out their start up sound. It has been years since I ever had to read music notes but I do not think it does. :wink: