Day 3 | #SoundsLikeChristmas Photo Contest

Winners :gift:

  1. @TaborTech
  2. @TheSnarkyOne
  3. @xsylus

Congratulations! These names were drawn directly from gleam, but thank you all for entering and sharing your amazing photos!

This week’s photo contest is an extra special one! We want you to share photos with the theme of #SoundsLikeChristmas, so set your imagination free and show us your most creative shots!

How to Enter:

  1. Post your Christmas-themed Soundcore photo to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and make sure you include #SoundsLikeChristmas in the caption.
  2. Head to the contest page HERE and submit the URL of your photo.

First Prize: $30 voucher for and 100 points

Second Prize: $20 voucher for and 50 points

Third Prize: $10 voucher for and 25 points

Winners will be chosen and announced on December 14th, 2021.

Good luck!



This should be fun! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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Don’t use any of those unsocial media.

But may be other members like that photo.

For those who take part, good luck!

Twitter link


This should be interesting.

I have a question though. After we post the picture(s) on Twitter, FB, or IG and post the link at the designated area, are we supposed to post the pictures here as well?

I would say no.

I wonder if the address is so that if they do a random selection, or to maybe have an easy way to access the email for the winners that they select

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Good luck to all that try it

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I have been donated a share for a twitter acount by Paul (Thank you again)
This could be shared if you want to.

Twitter link


Another nice contest :+1:



Did you go to the here hyperlimk, log in via your email address and submit the web link?

If not, you will not be entered.

Good luck

Good of Paul to help you on this but you know you also have me as well for any contest where you need to share something on social media.


Thank you for advice Duane.

I know there are a lot of friends an helpers here.
family business as usual.
Enjoy the weekend Duane.


#SoundsLikeChristmas #Soundcore #Gonks

Facebook Post Sounds Like Christmas

Twitter Post


Always enjoy a Christmas photo contest!

Instagram Post


I posted these:





@xsylus Beautiful photos.
Congratulations on the photo idea with my favorite earbuds. Liberty 2 Pro are amazing.

Number of nice photos uploaded :+1:

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This is our biggest Christmas tree bauble.
And it’s best to listen to Christmas carols on Liberty 2 Pro :grinning:.
I wish you a peaceful and happy preparations for Christmas for everyone :ribbon:!


Nice and impressive photo.
Professional made! :smile:

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