Day 4 | Can You Find Them All?

Winners Revealed

Watch the draw below…it seems quite a few of you were caught out by the red bow image :eyes:
Take another look and see if you can find the hidden message! :smile:

Congratulations @sodojka :christmas_tree:

Hey everyone! On the “Finish the Lyrics” mini game we had last week, we’re glad to hear many of you say that it was fun! Today, we’re back with another game to help you break away from your workload :sparkles:.

Before we begin, don’t forget to check out the gift guide HERE!

We’ve hidden some differences and added a Christmas twist with some of these Soundcore pictures. Can you find them all?

Those who get all the answers correct will have their names put in a Santa hat on December 14th and we’ll randomly select someone to win 100 points! The winner will be announced on the same day.

Don’t forget to hide your answers when replying to the thread. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Hit “Reply” on the thread.
  2. Select the “Options” logo at the far end of the table.
  3. Select “Hide Details” and comment away!

Happy searching! :face_with_monocle:




The left side doesn’t have the hi-res / LDAC /CES logos.
The snowflake is different size.
There is an added white dot on the right bud, although that may be your error while you edited.


LDAC - the C is missing on right
“Wireless” missing
Soundcore logo missing


Top right corner left bud missing
Lower middle bud missing
Two stars different colour
Two dots is different colour although could be your error in your colour template in your editor as it’s a slight difference, the blue is slightly different hue.


The attachment mechanism missing
Speckled squares missing on right
White dot added on right
The left side is cut off on the left image



This was a lot of fun!

See the Differences

I decided to “hang a wreath” on all the differences, but I’ll try to list them off as well.

For the first one:

  • Blue Snowflake changed size
  • The Group of Hi-Res Audio Wireless, LDAC, and CES Award went away (or were added… not sure which!)
  • There’s a white dot on the right ear bud
  • On the left ear bud, the letter “P” is missing as well as “2.0”

Second Image:

  • The word “Wireless” is missing from the top Hi-Res Audio
  • The letter “C” is missing from the word LDAC
  • The letter “G” is missing for the word Cancelling
  • The logo is missing from the side of the headphone

Third Image:

Fourth Image:

  • Three squares at the top are missing
  • There is more showing of the left frame in the right picture than there is in the left
  • The bottom glasses are missing a connection piece between them and the longer frame (not sure what this piece is called?)
  • The Soundcore logo on the frame has a white reflection in it
  • Three random white dots along the bottom
  • The lovely hidden message (which I replied to!)
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Fun activity… good luck to all

Can you fin them all

Will just add mine to this message that I already made…

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Thanks for a nice activity, @Winniew95
Did find number of differences.


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My eyes aren’t that great, but managed to find quite a few…

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Good luck all!


1st set blue snow flake shrinked on second photo first photo missing all 3 tags
2nd set: second headphone missing the wireless verbiage and the c in ldac
3rd set: difference in background color of circles, missing liberty air 2 in background of second image, missing a life p3 on second image

4th set: minor difference in background missing square the frame on second photo has some white/grey color tone on the of of the left frame leg

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Not certain if some of the images are intentional on the editing for differences but fun never the less :slight_smile:



Here’s mine.


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Doh, that second time you look and find you’ve missed a really sneaky one (when you thought you had also nabbed the sneaky one) :face_with_monocle:

I think might be hard on the ‘Bow’ pic if you’ve colour blind, but good fun straining my tired eyes hunting the differences

smaller blue snowflake
Missing soundcore logo
one earbud gone
frame missing metal peice

Let me try)))


4 differences and I’m not sure is this a 5th difference but the right side a little bit smaller

4 differences

13 differences

Merry Christmas…good spot.jpg:
4 differences and I’m not sure once more is this a 5th difference but the right side a little bit wider

Good Luck all.


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Below are my spots…


Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

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Good luck all!


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I am not sure if all the colour differences are intentional. I only marked the obviously clearly different colour not different hue.