Day 7 | Meet Cedric Gervais

I know you’re all ready to meet our next GRAMMY Award-winning collaborator, so without further ado, get ready for…Cedric Gervais!


OK, I will! Cedric Gervais is a Miami-based DJ who’s mixed some big numbers, and been in some big movies on the side!

When he wasn’t taking a star turn in Mile 22, he played in some historical dramas like Patriot’s Day with Mark Wahlberg. And with over 84 million streams on Spotify across 92 countries, in 2020 alone, Cedric is in demand the world over. He regularly releases hits on Armada Music as well as his own label, Delecta Records.


Pretty sweet, right? Well, it gets even sweeter once you actually listen to some of his mixes.

Anyone who’s as popular and charming as me would have spent time at the club. You know you’re jealous, but I’ve got just the cure for any bad mood: Cedric’s world-renowned remix of “Summertime Sadness.”

Are you sad? Is it summertime? No and no!? Who cares, because this thing slaps (as the kids say).

This little ditty hit #1 on the UK Singles Chart (not to mention #6 on the Billboard 100). It also netted Cedric his GRAMMY, and now to top it all off, he’s joined our very own Soundcore Top 10!


Wow. What am I, your personal jukebox?


Well, fine then, have a listen to Cedric’s treatment of “Wide Awake.” But don’t blame me if you find yourself listening to it on repeat:


  • What’s your favorite word that rhymes with Cedric (if you say “Frederick” I’m gonna slap ya)?
  • If you could invite Cedric to DJ any party of your choice, what would it be?
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Do you got that summertime, summertime sadness?

Look forward to your answers, Collectivites! Catch you tomorrow with more. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to listen to “Summertime Sadness” one more time…

  • Aaron

How about a "Quick limerick with slick Rick.’

I think I have a wintertime , summertime sadness that I wish it was summertime when it is in the winter.


I am not fan of any DJ. I did not liked when my old tape recorder was making remixes while jamming tape :joy:

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Looks like the guess was correct from that thread. Will check him as well though I’m not into DJ as much either

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… my first thought was totally not Frederick…

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I recognize the last name, but not in combination with the first.

The two songs posted are interesting remixes. Not sure if they are different enough for me to get really excited about though - it took me a bit to notice the differences on summertime.

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Liking his remixes

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I’ll check him out

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Quite the good DJ. Will have to check out more of his stylings…

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