(DE) 05.10.2021 Befristetes Angebot : Liberty Neo

Seems a real bargain, though refurbished.

Hier Kaufen

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I do like seeing some of the deals of the refurbished. It is tempting. I think the only issue is what did they refurbished on the item. (ie new case, or other parts were replaced. )

Nobody knows. :smiley:
Other companies do not refurbish -> garbage or selling to “dealers”.

Nice deal even on some refurbished earbuds

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All fine in school Kaitlyn?
Our daughter now finished her studies. (Pharmacy)
So I need another “daughter” to keep an eye on! :laughing:
(You know me I am kidding as usual)

It’s been pretty busy especially in my final year and all. I’ve been trying to balance school research and an internship so quite busy for sure. Thanks for asking. Congrats to your daughter on graduating for pharmacy I know that’s a pretty big and tough one. And we all family here so it’s all good

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Interesting deal on some refurbs, I think I noticed on another thread somebody considering getting, for parts salvage… cheap investment.