(DE) 15/06/2022 Befristetes Angebot : Strike 1



Another nice discount for a headset.


Wow, they still have these on offer… from what I recall for a few years back, these were starting to be hard to obtain…

Nice find.

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I had one but I would be careful with them. Mine has cracked now on both sliding mechanism just from normal wear.

It actually needs a metal strip to provide a little more support and reduce pressure on the plastic part. Not sure if it was the curved in them caused the extra pressure or if it was just bad plastic batch .

With that said I fixed one side with duct tape so that I can still use it if needed. I know of another who had it as well and the same thing happened. If I did not win that on a giveaway from here, I probably could have checked about getting it fixed.

With that said, they sounded pretty good for the cost.