(DE) 16.09.2021 Befristetes Angebot : Flare

Hier Kaufen



Not the mini, nor the two… this nice price is fine, and will do :slight_smile:


Another nice discount


Really depends where you will use.
For my “pensioner’s office” ca 20 sqm 2 Flares mini is as good as 2 Flares,
The Flare is louder I suppose,.
I use both types of speaker ca at 35% volume.
That’s more than enough.

Both types have a good sound even without eq.
Of course it can be improved by an 10 band eq.

If you go for such ones, buy two.


I’m glad you are so pleased with these speakers :+1:t2:.
Thanks for sharing.

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Nice deal for the DE folks.

True, can be said for most of those speakers that can connect either tws or partycast.

We’ve seen before different iterations that seem same, but won’t work with the latest version…

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Two is always better than one :smiley:

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Two are incredible.
Believe me! :smile:

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I have just one :thinking:

There are chances to get another one. :grinning: