(DE) Liberty 2 Pro+ Upgraded 149,99 € soundcore.de

The improved version of Liberty 2Pro is now also available in the official Soundcore store, but only for customers from Germany.
Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro+ Upgraded 149,99 €

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Identical as you posted yesterday?

@The_Professor You can probably see the difference between amazon.de and the official soundcore.de store. It is not the same

Oh. Different store!

Well then that is classed as announced.

If you have any complaints, write openly what you mean. Until now, I am waiting for the answer why you publish screenshots of the Leaderboard with my data several times.

No this was just me not noticing different store.

Each thread just spreads discussion across many threads, it makes it harder for others to discuss

The internet doesn’t like basically the same thing in different places, questions get asked in a fragmentary way so harder to find answers.

@The_Professor Many similar threads are posted here. Sometimes they are identical. Somehow you don’t notice it.

Oddly I thought the same, but also checked the links to see a different store.

Nice to see widespread discounts overseas.

Now only if the could add RGB leds like on the flare 2 :thinking:

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