(DE) Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro+ (Upgrade) 149.99€ amazon.de

They are finally here :clap:!
My favorite and perfect Liberty 2 Pro+ earbuds now with LDAC and Transparency Mode.
Black, but the inscriptions on the earbuds are now golden. :smiley:
Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro+ (Upgrade) :



Whoa, a silent launch w/o any fan fare on the community… guess the P3s kinda stole the show…

Good price point for entry into the market, should see the base L2Ps drop accordingly…

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my guess is the silent launch because it isn’t a huge update and they don’t want people getting upset that they are bring a feature to the upgrade that had been promised in the original product


Here in the link at the beginning of the thread is the price: 149 €. :slightly_smiling_face:
20 € more than the regular version without LDAC.


I think there’s a bit of what the P3 and Q35 had that it’s jolly difficult to get all the ducks lined up. P3 launch slipped and so legitimate reviews had to be pulled after posting to then release again when launched.

So I don’t think this is a silent launch, just accidentally some information gets out early.

Odd it’s for sale in Canada, shipping from USA but not for sale in USA. Odd that it’s for sale in EU where they ship usually from Poland warehouse to UK but not for sale in UK.

This makes me think we’re seeing things getting ready for launch rather than a soft quiet release.

As for “upgraded” remember they took away AptX to give LDAC so YMMV.

As for prices, you can’t compare launch price with older products as usually at launch or a month later you often see 20% reduction so I think you’ll see similar closer prices and so decide if you want AptX or LDAC, if you care about battery life more or less. LDAC seems to take a third of battery life away from the LA2P.

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Nice find. Thanks


I figured you would like seeing an updated version of your favorite Ear Buds.


@Steve976 Now they are even better. :grinning:Transparency + LDAC mode make them a masterpiece. The gold inscriptions are also very nice
:+1:t2:. Only a very high price.


With my current phone and electronics kit, ldac doesn’t do me any good, can’t utilize.

So doubtful if I’d be going N+1 on the new upgraded versions, as no anc as of yet.

And to be fair, the current L2Ps have great passive noise cancellation… so even anc might not draw me over… 🤷

There’s plenty of headroom for innovation.

More intelligence.

Imagine if ambient was triggered by keywords, like “hey Corey”.

But yes we probably are struggling to deliver a substantial different experience in the form factor, so look wider.