(DE) Soundcore Liberty Air 2: 65,99 € amazon.de

Befristetes Angebot: 89,99 €- 24,00 €= 65,99 €


Excelent price.

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As stated a nice price

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Solid deal for some good stem style earbuds.

Thanks @sodojka

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These seem to be on sale in a lot of countries currently and really are such a great buy

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Liberty Air 2 Pro are nicer, but in Poland on amazon.pl they cost $ 197 = PLN 750☹️
@ktkundy Maybe you don’t know what happened to @Chiquinho?

I’m not sure I know what you’re referencing? What happened to him?

@ktkundy Sorry, I forgot to write “Air” in the name of the headphones - I have already corrected it.
I asked for @Chiquinho because I thought you knew each other well, and he was every day and he disappeared along with @The_Professor

They are still around I believe if you miss them you can find them for sure on the Anker community for sure.

I haven’t been to the Anker community yet - thanks for the information.