(DE) Soundcore Life P2 Mini: 29,99 € amazon.de

Soundcore Life P2 Mini:
39,99 €- 10€ ( Promotional coupon) = 29,99 €


Nice sale for the life p2 mini

Nice deal on the new minis

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Nice deal for our DE friends. :+1:

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Wait, what price?? Wow that’s inexplicable inexpensive. For budget buds that’s the sweet spot price wise.

Wondering features… may need to check more into these…

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Excelent price for P2 Mini

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You have to buy quickly - maybe it’s just a mistake …:joy:
It’s time to run to the supermarket :rofl::

I have the P2 - I like them.

I do wonder if the P2 Mini has worse microphones as the stick is shorter? The antenna must be shorter so loses signal easier? :thinking:


My thoughts exactly… only 2 mic’s vs 4…

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