(DE) Soundcore Life Q20 (black): 47,50€ Amazon de

Soundcore Life Q20 (only black color) double dip:
59,99 €- 10,00 € (17%)= 49,99 €
49,99€- 2,49€ (Promotional coupon 5%)= 47,50€


With all the chatter on the 30s and 35s, these poor guys get forgotten about.

Perhaps @VertigoXX could advise how they sound (I think he won a pair recently)?

Nice price on these mysterious headphones.

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@VertigoXX won Q30 :wink:!

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@TheSnarkyOne @sodojka is right- I did won Q30.


And are you enjoying them?

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Nice find, thanks for posting it.

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