Decisions, decisions

What do you plan to get with your coupons?

I think the Model Zero is out of my budget. What is another speaker with excellent clarity and detail?

And can someone recommend a earphone (Liberty Pro is out of budget, even with coupon?)

Again, clear detailed sound and bass are my priorities.

Was going to jump on the Flare Mini deal at $30 but only able to purchase through Amazon (have to redeem coup on the Soundcore site). I’ll wait and check after their week off to see if they make it able to add to cart (and is still 40% off)

I wanted a new pair of true wireless earbuds but they are all set to coming soon. :frowning: might wait to the last minute and get something.

Waiting for a product refresh on the exchange notes section, could be in the market for an orange Icon Mini :slightly_smiling_face:

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A pair of icon+, and an icon mini.

Not 100% sure what I’m gonna go for tbh

You can do like @TechMan did and get more than one pair with the coupon since I think he was saying it was off the total. I think yours was 100 dollar coupon. So you could get maybe two Neos. or maybe 1 q20 and 1 spirt x, a neo and a spirit x or any other combination

I’m curious if they are planning on having an updated Wakey at some point. I would love to get one, but don’t want to buy one and have them release version 2 the next week!! Ha ha!!

If you’re going for best quality sound for $100 or less, it looks like Motion+ might be your best bet. Someone else may want to chime in seeing as how I don’t own one?

I was about to make a thread about this when I saw this one. I want to know if anyone has an icon and a flare. If you do I would like to know how they compare in sound quality as well as volume. I like the flare and use it a lot, but I would like a speaker I could hang up for more portability.

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Already have my eyes on the Wakey. Just waiting for that coupon to come in and get it ordered up.

I’m thinking infini sound bar. I want something better for my TV more than I need another wireless speaker. Those are only $80, but probably as close to $100 as I will find in one order.

Might throw in a pair of spirit x headphones that would be effectively half off, will check what $80 plus tax and shipping comes to.

Does anyone know if the coupon counts towards taxes?

I think the site said free shipping for orders over $28

I believe you could use the Coupon to help cover taxes…

You are right. It does cover taxes. I finally settled for a Liberty Neo and flare.

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I’m sure they will not disappoint!

Do prices come down on Soundcore direct?

Wakey is one of my favorite!


@alicia.wu I know @loz is away celebrating his birthday and not online as much.

Do you know why the UK page has a very limited range of headphones(any genre to be fair) available

I got a shipping notification email today!

Ordered 10/20
Shipped 10/22

They are certainly going to beat the giveaway prize and the product for the focus group i did in August. Still waiting for those…

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Flare arrived 10/23. I have reviewed it in another post.