Decrease battery percentage

My L2P right earbud which is the main earbud to connect to my phone mostly, it decrease battery percentage much faster than the left earbud which is the slave. Is somebody have the same expirience as I do?


A lot of times it may depend on your device. As you said that the rt is the main and left is the slave earbud. So basically what is happening is the rt is working more to piggy back the signal from the device to the other earbuds. Since it is working more, it will have a decrease in battery percentage compared to the left one.

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I noted a similar issue posted recently by another user, and they had mentioned listening at pretty high volume setting.

I rarely have both of mine in at the same time, and can get between 7-8 hrs per earbud. At about 25% volume.

If you were to use one bud only, what type of battery life do you get?

Leave the other in the case, closed. Also what volume level do you listen at?

I’ll have a look for that other thread and link, via edit, and put it here…
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Keep us posted so we can offer as much help as possible :face_with_monocle:

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I listen to music at around 75-95% most of the time and I get roughly 3-4 hrs if I drain it but that 3-4 hrs of playback is just the right earbud but the left still have a 50-60% of battery life when the right earbud is down already

Yes I have the same expirience too

You have two possibilities to control the volume.
The volume control of the buds and this of your bt source.

The higher the volume the more is battery consumption. Claro.
And never forget the earbuds have a limited volume level given by law
in most countries.
And really, I would not use these buds with full volume level, this might lead to hearing problems pretty soon.

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Can you try a single bud and see what type of battery run down time you get.

Maybe start with the right side?

The other thing I would consider, is if the earbuds are full charge.

Have you downloaded the app, and connected to them? The may be a firmware update, and also, the earbuds show individually to see the battery percent for each, instead of together on the phone or tablet in the top right corner.

I’ll get a screen shot of the app screen here later this morning and edit it in to this post:

edit to add photos
This is with both earbuds out of the case and paired with my phone first, before opening the app and connecting to the app. You can see the green circles around each, that is the battery life.

You can also check the firmware on the earbuds through the app, and for my liberty 2 pros, firmware is at version 1.28 and is most current.

Best of luck, please do keep us posted so we know if things resolve.

First of all I recently read in the manual that I should fully charge the earbud and the case before the first time using it, I did not do that, do you think that is the reason why I expiriencing this? Yes I use the app and everytime I use the earbuds the right will go 40% and the right will be right about 75-80% I listen at about max volume at the phone and about 75% at the earbud (the volume control in the earbud does not control the volume of my phone)