Deers love Soundcore Spirit X

As I was working outside a couple of deers walked up into my yard and walked up to me as well. So I took a few minutes to say hi. Come to find out this deer loved my Spirit X as you can see she was trying to eat them from my neck.


Deer are always so scared of me, yet it loves you :joy:.

Maybe I can use some anker products to get the same effect on humans :thinking:

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Lol. I have not tried it on humans either but do not let them try to eat them :joy:

That’s awesome!! What a neat experience!!

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I know, I thought it was pretty neat too. After she started to biting my earbuds, I thought I bet I could “hook the deer like an Anker” ( bad pun) and to get a few more pics. I wonder if Soundcore can include that in their ads bullet point. Lol. -Spirit X IPX 67 protection and dpx 68 (deer proof up to 100 bites). :joy:

Haha that is totally cool and awesome, thanks for taking pictures and sharing it

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Simply awesome pics! Great that you could keep them with you while taking the snaps :ok_hand:t2:

Now that is certainly something fella, excellent pics of the surprise visit!

How was the fitment on their ears? Lol

Great pics though :muscle:t2:

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They were a little tight. lol. I think Soundcore needs to make them bigger ear hooks.

That is pretty awesome.

that is cool…love to have a deer as a pet

How sweet!

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Thanks @Hannah. It was a cool experience.

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That’s cool. Is the deer a pet or are they just not afraid of humans where you are?

Not a pet and for the most part they are afraid of us. I could see some deers near the parks to be less afraid but these were the only ones near my house not afraid. I have an apple tree in my yard so we get deers here ever so often. It is the first time one came up to us. My father in law was thinking someone may have tried to pin them up as he never saw deers coming up to us either.

Here is a few more pic with father-in-law

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such a friendly fella. super cute

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Clearly not enough hunters where you live…

I believe you are correct…