Delayed flight? What do you do?

So I am delayed over night due to a mechanical problem with a plane. Then there was a series of awful customer service interactions with Delta. (See my twitter feed @misterhazen for all of the sordid details) Now I am stranded in Philadelphia but wound up having a pretty fun night in a hotel bar with my four traveling companions. We ordered pizza and had a grand old time.

So how would you handle a flight delay?

  • Free night in a hotel? Amazing - sign me up!
  • Party Time!
  • Ugh. I just want to get back to my life.
  • It is difficult to coordinate air travel. You should be lucky you can do it at all.
  • I dont fly. I prefer the horse drawn carriage thank you.
  • Its an injustice our taxpayers subsidize the airline industry when they treat us like this. I want money back now.

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I don’t mind hotels too bad :man_shrugging:

Wish that happened to me!

Get the beers in, party time :beers: :grin:

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Night in a hotel :night_with_stars::sleeping:

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Lucky bugger.

I haven’t holidayed since 1986, and that wasn’t much of a holiday, as was chef training in France. That was the last time (and only time) I’ve.flown somewhere.

As for a relaxing holiday, that was actually back in 1984, three weeks in Scotland aged 15.

Last year before we decided to move to North Carolina, we came down here to see if we liked it. My wife, my son and myself had our flight literally cancelled just seconds after they called us to board due to inclement weather. All the hotels were booked solid for 20 miles around the airport. We had got dropped off so didnt have a car, we tried to find somewhere to stay but everything was closing due to the weather. We also couldn’t call our ride back because they were 2 hours away and they didnt want to risk driving.

We ended up sleeping at the airport, thankfully we had blankets in our bags. I did manage to order pizza to the airport and they gave us half off due to the situation. We found a cozy spot and ate food while we watched a movie on the laptop. At 5:30 AM they called to board our rescheduled flight, and we were on our way.

Delta airlines reimbursed my father in law for the tickets because of the late cancelation. But that weather sealed the deal for us to move away from Vermont.


My answer mostly depends on how stocked up I am with tech and whether or not I’m being paid.

Cool story. Just think of it this way, you will probably always think back to that story and laugh. I’m besides the fact that you were stuck in an airport, you will had fun with your family.

I’ve been delayed no more than 3 or 4 hours at most. It does add up when you have to do a transfer and your wait is already 6 hours to board your next flight.

If I had the choice and they put me in a nice hotel not some fleabag motel I would choose the free room. If they wanted to put me in some budget motel that’s nasty (happened to my friend) then I would rather stay over night at the hotel and take food vouchers, flight upgrades, and credits towards future flights.

I will never turn down a free night as long as I am not going to be delayed beyond reason. Nothing like staying in a random town that you did not intend on and being able to explore around for the night.

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Yeh, we got to the hotel after 8 hours in the airport at 11pm and had to leave at 4am to get the rescheduled flight :roll_eyes: So it wasn’t all that great. We did drink beer though. Not sure if this helped though!

I think the poll needed one more option …

Refund 25% or upto 50% of ticket fare (including any tax) except while the weather conditions or Airport Closure.

I don’t want anything like hotel or any other amenities… I want to just reach my destination on time.

If I can’t leave the airport I make sure I have plenty of podcasts to listen to and books to read :grinning:

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