Device History on Brand new Liberty 3 pro

I purchased my brand new Liberty 3 pro from Global authorized store of soundcore in Lazada. However upon checking the history of previous devices. There are devices that are previously connected. How come this occurs?

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You could ask the store where you bought these.
BTW Where is Lazada?
The world is a huge globe!

w< We’ll it’s an online store app like alibaba. And under it there’s a store claiming that they are an authorized seller. We’ll it also verified by the app so they must be legit.

Never brought anything from Lazada so can’t even tell if it it autorised seller of Soundcore products. Try to contact your seller.

I believe Lazada is like an Amazon site in south east Asia.

Sounds like they were not ‘Brand New’, but may have been refurbished ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Wasn’t clear from the message, but now I got it.

If you’re concerned, I’d contact Customer Service and let them know.

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I bought “new” P3s with earwax all over them…:face_vomiting:

Did you return them?

Currently having a huge argument with the store. I’ll return it soon within the return period.

That’s what I’m worried and the store still insist that they don’t sell refurbished as they are Authorized store. Haha. I also forwarded a complaint. Sucks indeed

Yes, I have and currently waiting for a response. I’ve reached the NA chat, and advised me to send an email.

They claim to be authorized and there’s a category or badge on its store. Hence it’s fulfilled by lazada.

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I have the same thing …I received a set of Pro 3 as a birthday present on 24 June they had a device in the history CSR-bc7 …they where purchased online from a soundcore store in the UK

I see. Same as I’ve encountered. May I know if you reached the customer support as well?