Did anybody have trouble logging in via Facebook this week?

I have had some trouble logging in daily. I had created my account with my Facebook info and for about a week (6 days) I would try to log in and it seemed to give me a weird acceptance to my log in that it normally did and it would not log me in. I tried on 3 different browsers and the same thing for several days. Today it finally let me back in the old way. I would love it if the community would let you have an alternate log in ( non Facebook) option that you could link to your account (ie can log in via another email and password and where you can have your Facebook linked as well) thus you can log in via two accounts. I hated not being in the site for that time period.

Not me .
I never use such social media. :slight_smile:
What about asking Mr, Zuckerzwerg (sic) himself. (just kidding, a joke)

I didn’t have any issues. Just realized you are right about the Facebook login. No way to create a login password. This should be standard. Most sites allow you create via social media but ask you create a password so that happen.

@Loz is this something can be fixed so we can login when social media login stops working?

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Or maybe the password creation is available but not easily accessed…

I didn’t have any problems.

Thanks for raising it. I’ll pass through to IT.

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I noticed that too when I first was going to sign up, just tied it to my Facebook with no login password needed. I opted to change it to my email solely because of that.

I initially thought it was me potentially but I personally think it may have been a Facebook issue that I could not log in. I thought something was different due to the way it logged me in (instead of the refresh on the log in, I got a pop up that stated it was going to close the window and then would never log in for those six days.

Plus with the one giveaway for the first month for the top 250, I was needing to keep active. lololol I was thinking I was in the top 15 to 20 back then but have lost 6 days of log ins and potential points. So I lost 14 to 9 spots :frowning: . @Loz any way to get some extra points for my trouble log ins lol (Just kidding, I do not think you would be able to do that)

I know coke.com has it where you can log in with a user name and password and then you can link some social media account as an alternate log in.