Did anyone get the 25 notes upon reaching Level 4?

Did anyone get the 25 notes upon reaching Level 4? :memo:


I did not, but it may be similar to how the points are allocated for sharing gallery posts and things like that. I did see the system lagging a lot when I hit Level 5. I still have yet to receive a Congrats You Reached Level 5 message, so more than likely it is a system thing. Or they have it set to manual intervention that has the admins approving them prior.

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Same I have noticed the system lagging more than usual but this probably to due to the community being in beta stage and the new influx of members.

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What are you guys doing to build points fast…lol:smiley:

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Don’t know I’m still a noob :yum:

I’m still working on getting to level 2

I keep looking at stats and wonder how some have hit level 4 or 5 already…must referrals or something…

I have so far referred 3 people that I know signed up, but I dont know about the rest. I just been posting from my phone so not doing much. Although if I get on my laptop I can get my reviews jn which could help some I guess.

The system has a serious lag on granting points and notes…

Don’t know why this needs to be a separate post since it’s already been discussed in other threads…

Referrals, I have 3 so far. Plus max points for the day.

Look at you Mr.overacheiver :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: just kidding

Seeing so many threads on notes and points Missing / lagging, may be time for admins to take a look

I have 4 referrals so far…

After a quick look, I haven’t received notes for level 4 either. Not sure when I hit level 4, so I can’t say how delayed it’s been.

I ran out of time showing people the site while at work today, but showing people who work in I.T. something makes them go through it with a fine tooth comb. We/they overanalyze the living **** out of everything. I had one guy inspecting the element on the splash page just because he is weird like that. But yet, somehow we are all weird…

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Yea same here, I thought I was level 3 still. But apparently not

Notes on profile show up as en_US.sc_sidebar.bucks

So there is definitely some maintenance or look required

You guys are leveling up so fast!

You’re just slacking of on farming :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Has anyone noticed the @Ankerstore employee at 1st place :thinking::stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m guessing these where from testing to make sure the system worked, hence it will change when the month is over

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