Did anyone get the 25 notes upon reaching Level 4?

I’m pretty sure you’re in first place now :joy:

Maybe or Maybe not :thinking:

No, it’s definitely you.

Only one member in the leaderboards has enough points for level 6 (the number one). Since you’re level 6, it has to be you.

Possibly or Possibly Not :sweat_smile::yum:
Edit: I don’t think the reply to specific people is working?

Direct reply is working. I’ve been getting notifications

Did you receive a direct reply on my last reply?

Yeah, and this one.

It is and it isn’t. I have had it show the icon for someone I am replying to and then it doesn’t. It doesn’t show up if it the next comment down, but if you are replying to someone further up, that’s when it shows up. Btw, you are in first lol

I think other users can see who your replying to even though the sender can’t. :confused::thinking:

That’s not an employee…

I wonder who it is :thinking:

Hope they are not misusing their position at Anker Store

I don’t think I have even seen this person talking in this community. :man_shrugging:

No one said you had to talk or communicate within the community to win. You just have to have enough referrals to keep you in the lead

I’m not quite to level 4 yet but I will keep an eye out for when I get there.

I didn’t :disappointed_relieved:

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I guess it’s still bugged then :cry:

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We’re we meant to get any notes for reaching level 2 ect

Level Up list

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Mine applied when I hit lv4 earlier today, not showing in the points & notes section but I can see the jump in notes on my referral page…

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