Did anything replace Soundbuds Curve?

My second pair has had the earphone die and I wanted to get more as they are great for dog walking but I cannot figure out what they’ve been replaced with. Is there something out there or is it totally discontinued?

Unsure if discontinued or not. I do know they upgraded the spirit x but have not heard anything on the curve.

Ah Spirit X looks like basically the same thing? It’s not listed on the Soundcore or Anker website that I can see. Well I realized I was still within my 18 month warranty so hopefully they have something to send me. I was also hoping to grab a second pair.

If you still under warranty just contact customer service by email service@soundcore.com

Hmmmm. I thought about Amazon as well.

I did not see curve or spirit x either. I was just assuming that the spirit x would still be there due its upgrade a while back.

I do not see the anker arc there either on Amazon.

Support is sending me a Spirit X as warranty replacement. They’re advising me these style headphones are basically discontinued. Ah well, will have to try my luck with Brand X or something for my next pair.