Did I buy a faulty Flare 2?

Sound level 25 percent you hear almost nothing and after 25 percent sound volume it begins to increase, and after 85 percent ish, to 100, the sound volume is almost the same and the sound Volume Fluctuations and low overall volume ıt does not sound like a 20w speaker to be honest.

I recently purchased one of these and overall I’m happy and the sound quality and general build quality was much better than expected but there’s
one issue that’s becoming increasingly irritating to the point where I’m considering sending it back and I really don’t want to if l can help it so thought I’d post on here to see if there’s something I’m doing wrong or a way to short it out.

Basically the volume fluctuations when playing music and low sound volume.

The fluctuations are more obvious on slower songs with a mix of bass and treble but it can be quite noticeable. And specifically before a big bass drop sound signature changes and lowers the bass, like it changes automatically eq settings.

The actual volume on the volume bar doesn’t change on my phone; it seems to be more fluctuations dependant on the bass in the track. It becomes very noticeable around half volume, so it’s not a case of me pushing the speaker to the max. Perhaps it could be a faulty speaker?

If ıt’s a software issue, is there a app to diagnose and fix whatever is wrong with my speaker?