Did I miss the buss on this one?

I know those smexy shades are coming out. Idk if they’ve been consumer tested or not but Id like to submit my application to give feedback. Don’t care how long the line is or how premature this inquiry might be but if they’re still in late stage development I’m your guy. :pray::joy:

They are basically out in about 20 days.

The app did have a survey once or twice for potential testers but do not think it would be for the frames. Usually the beta test are probably about 2 months from the release date give or take.

The inside testing has not had anything lately.

I think they may come out with another link on the app probably or potentially here or maybe the email account.

Will say that next week on the Amazon stream they are doing a giveaway and may give a lens or two out. No Frames though.

I think since they are about to be released Beta would’ve happened awhile ago.

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