Different products for Trade In?

Will there be different products avaliable to be traded from notes, this was asked before and they were going to change overtime is this still happening?

It will probably happen eventually, the soundcore team just hasn’t gotten around to it.

You can use the notes to get potentially multiple products not listed. I believe you will have to pay for the taxes and shipping for the items.

If I have it right, you can use a 500 notes for 100 dollar coupon. The 100 coupon can be used for one or more items. (40 dollar item, 40 dollar item and 40 dollar item -you get 100 dollars off and pay 20)

I am not sure on the product already listed if you are paying for taxes and shipping.

When I was testing it with the 50 off 80 dollar coupon we got, I noticed shipping free unless you used the coupon and shipping was added. At least that was what I remembered at the time.

If you stay around on the community, you can go to your points section under name and it will show you how you can earn points and gain notes. Referrals is the quickest, buy products or just being part of the community will help you earn some points from leveling. Here is the leveling so that you can see what you need to get additional notes. You can gain at least 85 more pretty quickly as you a lower level. Hope this helps.

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Having different products listed for the exchange section would be an awesome thing!!!

I would not want to go the route of Coupon then the Soundcore.com, direct note exchange to product is simpler / easier,

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Shipping is free on orders $80+ regardless of if you use a coupon.

Are you sure about it?

Yes, having wide range of products for trade-in is awesome. Earning notes is not easy at the same time.

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You are 100% wrong… I used my coupon and had to still pay the shipping, happened this week :smiley:

there are always some fine lines in conditions… so shipping is not always free :wink:

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Shipping is free for anything over $28 as it says on main page.

@tsayoga2001 yep you’re right, I was wrong about the minimum.

@Shenoy I’ve used something like 7 coupons and haven’t had to pay shipping on any orders :smiley:

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guess these are part of perks for Mods – Free Shipping with Coupons :wink:

Lucky you @TechMan :star_struck: (by the way - you were wrong on both terms - minimum shipping and free shipping)

Officially, the free shipping requires a minimum order of $28 or more after adjustment of all the Coupons and Taxes…

So final sale amount needs to be above $28, else there is a shipping fee (and of course the taxes :smiley: )

Completed my first direct purchase via the Soundcore UK website earlier this week using a voucher / coupon…no charge for shipping…

Maybe its just you @Shenoy :wink: :laughing:

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@ndalby May be it’s only me :joy:

I have multiple product purchases on SoundCore.com - US and received free shipping ONLY when the purchase payment was ABOVE $28 after discount / taxes.

The last transaction using the voucher did not fall into the category and had to pay shipping. But that is fine considering the awesome product.

Just saying I don’t want to give out wrong / incorrect info to members reading this post :innocent:

When using the voucher, if the product is still less than 28 dollars after the coupon then you will still pay for shipping. But if its over the 28 dollar mark shipping is free


Thank @Tank - This is exactly what I was trying to explain in above posts

@TechMan and @ndalby - is this the case with you guys :wink:

Aren’t the vouchers/coupons on the exchange notes section only for the US? :thinking:

Pass…was my first purchase on the Soundcore UK site from a voucher provided to use which did not charge me for shipping…perhaps there are different variations of vouchers/coupons for use on the Soundcore site :raised_hands:

Yes they are but I’m going on the belief the codes that are generated for US vouchers will be the same as codes generated for Soundcore UK purchases (just for a different region)…as said, perhaps they are not :raised_hands:

Now I have to agree with you… its only me :laughing:

@Loz what do you say :wink:

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That was what I was stating earlier. The only think I could think was that since the coupon made the price (now 10) below the free shipping amount was why the shipping was added. It is interesting that it did not include it in the UK.

I have redeemed two coupons now in the US, and can confirm that shipping is only free if the cash payment is over the minimum amount for free shipping - so if you use a $50 coupon on an $80 item, shipping is free ($30 left). $50 coupon on a $70 item is not free (only $20 left). This matches @Tank’s explanation above.
And the coupon amount does NOT apply towards shipping. $50 coupon on a $40 item leaves you with the full shipping charge.
The one that was good for $50 off of at least $80 spend took care of that automatically.

I played around with this in the store before redeeming my coupons each time, and ended up spending a little more money the first time to get free shipping and effectively spent $20 on a second product. (an extra $30, minus the $10 shipping I was going to have to spend otherwise).

Also, no where on the Soundcore.com site is it mentioned that $28 is the minimum dollar spent amount requirement for free shipping, after the Vouchers or Coupons. Also different shipping policies (free / paid) for US & UK for Coupons.

So Soundcore.com needs to include it somewhere on sales order page mentioning this…

input / feedback to the Soundcore Support @Beauty @dorothy.li @Loz