Difficulty updating products

Does anyone else have issues updating the firmware on their devices with the Soundcore iOS app? Every time I open the app, it notifies me that there’s an update, but the “available” firmware matches the currently installed one. I’ll install what’s available, but it keeps saying there’s an update available and it’s the one I just installed. I have this problem with the Wakey and Flare, in particular. I haven’t seen if it’s an issue with my Trance, Rave Neo, or Infini Pro.

Update: I was on the Soundcore beta app, but I installed the public release version of the app and I no longer have this issue. Thank you to everyone who commented :slight_smile:

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I have neither device but no ghost firmware updates. My only thought was to reload the app.

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I’ve had successful upgrades of the firmware on my flare 2s. Straightforward. I haven’t seen any firmware updates that had issues yet.

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My firmware update worked just fine.

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I keep meaning to comment a picture, but I’ve been on vacation, and kept forgetting. ill try to remember to get one tonight

amazing this “company” still has issues updating firmware. A basic concept, yet it cannot be done outside of creating yet another logon ID (that is useless for anything else). Why? so they can also track me and the devices I use? Why? corporate greed? If devices have older firmware they could have security holes, right? could be missing fixes, right? could be missing features, right? so they would be sub par, right? Seems like Anker wants sub par products. PLEASE just let me update the firmware on the device I have. You should NOT require accounts for this simple, basic function.


I think if you would like for them to push out firmware without logging into an app then you could always make a suggestion to them on that suggestion.

From this thread it was not the company that has the issue but the user.

If you make the suggestion to them, please ask the question about logging in and you can inform us of the answer they gave back to you.