Digital Movie Thread

Welcome to the Digital Movie Thread!

As many of you know, several blu-rays and DVDs come with a digital copy code to redeem on sites like Vudu, iTunes, and recently, Movies Anywhere.

Movies Anywhere came out over a year ago (or around that time) and allows you to connect accounts across retailers. Below is a list of all participating retailers. This is from my account, so it’s showing what I’ve linked/connected and what I still have open to connect if I wanted to.

It’s a great resource to be able to connect libraries together and access your digital content across the board. Certain production companies are not part of Movies Anywhere yet, like MGM, Lionsgate, and Paramount. So when you’re deciding on a retailer to redeem a movie in, make sure it’s a place you use, like Vudu, or it’s a title that is Movies Anywhere compatible. You can tell it’s compatible by the little MA icon. Vudu and are the easiest places to tell if it’s compatible. See the example below:

Here’s a fun little tip and trick. If you have a movie from an HD blu-ray (NOT A 4K DISC) and the option to redeem in iTunes and it’s a Movies Anywhere compatible movie, ALWAYS choose iTunes because your title will automatically be upgraded to 4K.

How does this relate to Soundcore? Well, many of the 4K titles on Vudu offer Dolby Atmos and the Infini Pro allows playback with Dolby Atmos support! I personally haven’t experience how it sounds yet, but there are some members here like @TheBeardedTechGuy who has one.

Questions, comments, anything?


great thread, thanks for putting it together.

How do we buy movies on iTunes and attach it to Movies Anywhere account?

Are these services only available for the US?

Create a Movies Anywhere account at Once there you’ll go into your settings and then click on Manage Retailers. From there you’ll be able to link accounts.

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great, I had a Movies Anywhere account created sometime recently because the UltraViolet was closing down or something… will attach iTunes there

Coulda sworn I’ve been using movies anywhere for at least 5 years :thinking:

It looks like it’s US only for now, but you can create a US account, deposit movies into it, and access it from outside the US.

haha. Maybe something similar, like Disney Movies Anywhere. Basically, DMA was removed and MA took its place the beginning of last year.

Just remember not all content is created with Dolby Atmos. Also your player (not just your sound output) needs to support Atmos playback. So just because you have a soundbar that can play Atmos like the Infini Pro, you still need a device that can support Atmos. So a gen 1 Roku plugged into the Infini Pro wouldn’t give you Atmos.

I also think the movie has to be HD quality or higher to have the proper audio. SD content (SD streams and DVDs) to my knowledge are not able to include Atmos as their sizes are too small.

Here is a list of titles that have Dolby Atmos support

And seeing as we are talking about the Infini Pro check out my Video Review if you haven’t already. Because shameless plugs are shameless, right? :upside_down_face:

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Plug away! :wink:

I really hope all these lot of streaming services could be brought down to 4 major ones… it is crowded and every other year one of these shutdown… causing more issues and makes customers move their movies to other service

The 2 main services that should be around for awhile are Vudu and iTunes followed by Amazon Video, Google Play, and Fandango Now. I don’t see any of these vanishing for quite some time except for Fandango Now.

You know that Movie Anywhere also has it where you can download the movie for an offline playback option. So any of the Soundcore wireless earbuds/phones can be used as well. :wink:

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True that! And you could also project them through a Nebula projector with some Flares bluetoothed to it!

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So I think you are saying a Soundcore movie night at your house for everybody, right… LOLOLOL

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YES! Yes I am! :smiley: Who is bringing the beer?


Great tip! I love Movies Anywhere!

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I love Movies Anywhere! It’s so much easier than getting up and putting in a DVD or Blu-Ray!

I have noticed a lot of people will buy the movie from the store, take the digital code and then sell the Discs on Ebay or something.

I didn’t know about the automatic upgrade to 4K with iTunes! Pretty smart! I don’t use apple or have an iTunes, but I guess I should.

We just bought Aladdin (OG- 1992) that I plan on projecting with my new Prizm! Maybe I can pair with my new Infini Soundbar as well :smiley:

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There is such a huge marker to reselling codes and movies. It’s crazy.

We watch A LOT of movies at home. I’ve spent the last 5-6 years building a fairly decent digital library and have learned many tips and tricks for getting the most out of your digital title. haha. I agree that it’s so much easier to stream titles than get up and mess with DVDs/blu-rays, when the internet is working properly, that is. :wink:

My brother has a large iTunes account. He has over a 100 titles. Now that he’s married and have an 8th month old baby they almost never go out (he works days, she works nights). On the nights they are together they prefer to purchase a movie instead of driving 60 miles to the nearest good theater.

Since we have capped slow high speed internet we don’t stream a lot. We use buffering services and stream netflix. Once we can switch providers (no one else is near by) will start working on our digital library again.

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