Disabling call functions on Liberty Air 2?

How do I disable certain functions on my Liberty Air 2 earbuds? I don’t want them to be able to initiate voice or FaceTime calls to random people from my contacts, which they keep doing when I am trying to put them in or when my daughter absent-mindedly picked them up and started twiddling them. I don’t know why, but they decided to FaceTime a work colleague of mine at 11pm last night, and then to initiate a phone call to a friend I hadn’t spoken to in years this afternoon. I tried disabling voice control on my phone (iPhone 8) but it is already disabled.

Although I do not have these, I do know that they are on the app. You can maybe change the button functions potentially.

Another option I can think of is to turn off the bluetooth when not in use. Another thought is check the air 2 cog wheel and check out if any of those options helps.

From what I read I only thought it could answer a call coming in and not initiate a facebook call or voice.

I think your best bet is to turn off the bluetooth when not in use.