Disappointed 😞 with the 3 series

I am so disappointed with the soundcore company, I am disabled semi paralyzed and I depend upon the earphones when I came to know about it I fail in love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but lately only disappointed time they treat me like a criminal for not to have the receipt my son asked me on Christmas what I want and I asked for this trash liberty 3 it’s only trash and to expensive :pensive:

You do require proof of purchase…

They are not treating you like trash, those are the rules of warranty.

I had a fault recently, attached proof of purchase and got immediate satisfaction.

I keep receipts for everything, including of those items I gift for others, I photo it and edit the photo to say what it is so I can find it later. Simple. No need to say anyone is nasty.

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I do something similar since I know soundcore needs proof of purchase. I will take a picture of item and sent it to my email and the have it in a folder. 2. Will take the little warranty card and put in a box in a dark place yo help it from fading.

Plus if it came from Amazon or soundcore website, you should have it on the website invoices


Some items you need serial number, it wears off the item, or is on the packaging, so I photo those to my own “unboxing” make a photo folder of it all when new, label it appropriately then forget. Months later if I need it, easy to find.

The support are just sticking to their rules, and it’s very easy to follow them. I often get either an item I don’t need, or it I buy for someone, and I do it before I gift. I never suffer any warranty issues.

Sometimes you have post item back, so while I don’t keep every item’s original packaging, I do keep a few different size boxes for posting back.

It’s not difficult for everyone to act in this manner.

Hello, professor I didn’t mean to you give me instructions on how to follow, I am 59 years old with bunch of medications survivor of cancer twice and many surgeries my spine is combined with metals my pain is crucial, please don’t judge me for my ignorance my son give me as a gift for Christmas I was in the hospital for 3 months I almost die and you acting like the hero always we want please save your words to a healthy person…

I always keep all papers and boxes of items I aquire.
Not only soundcorea wants all information of the device if its getting a case of warranty and needs to be returned.
When I purchase things on the flea market there is no warranty and normally I can not return…
When the seller tells you the device is OK, it could be or not.
No risk no fun! :joy:


I do not think @The_Professor was being disrespectful but was providing tips for when buying any part of the Anker brand that includes soundcore. We all have bought several and are more conditioned to keep that stuff.

They do have a good return policy but it does suck they can not take your word from it.

Let’s go at this another way.

Did your son buy it at a store? Did he keep the receipt if bought at a store?

Did he buy online? Where was it from? Can he get you the order forms from where he bought them? If he used a credit card can he find the payment used to buy them?

If he bought online there should be a paper trail. If bought from Amazon or the soundcore site, there should be no issue. He just needs to give you that info.

Now to the other issue. What is going on with the Liberty 3s? We have a few that have those.

Sorry for bothering you again professor, here’s my ignorance and my problem, I am not a higher educated like you probably are. I have to work hard with my bare hands and body now I am paying consequences I guess my earphones are part of my therapy I am in crucially pain all the time!!. now I been trying to get there attention for the 1 left earphone its not getting charged and for me I am on a wheelchair semi paralyzed from chest all the way down I feel like in a box so for me this earphones are my escape from pain, anguish, sadness, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t like coffee, me and my wife live in small garage so sorry for bothering you please have a wonderful blessing life with your family :family_man_woman_boy: God bless you.

It would seem like whatever place you son bought them from would have the receipt on file. It’s not unusual for a place to require proof of purchase for a warranty claim. You could always try to contact Support and explain it to them. Good luck!
PS I have them and really like them!