Do earbuds charge even if the case is not plugged in to a charger?

I just received the Sport X20 Earbuds the other day and so far I’m very happy and impressed.

This is my first set of wireless earbuds or headphones so I’m trying to understand all the issues regarding charging.

My question is: If the earbuds are in the case, but the case is not plugged in to the wall via a charging cord, do the earbuds still get recharged? None of the documentation I can find is clear about this.

Thanks in advance.


The case has a battery in it to charge the earbuds for a specific amount of time.

Off amazon it says this “12-hour battery life off a single charge, extending to 48 hours when using the charging case”

So when you charge up the earbuds and the case to full. The earbuds have 12 hours charge and the case and recharge the earbuds 3 more times for the 48 hours.

The case should have like 3 dots. 3 dots means the case is between 70 to 100 of a full charge, 2 dots is 70 to 30 percent charge and 1 dot is 30 to 0. I think most near near will start to have a blinking dot.

So you can wait until you get to 1 dot to recharge the case/earbuds. Due to putting the earbuds on and off, you do not necessarily know the case charge but at one, you will know it is low.

Most times, you can put the earbuds in the case for 10 or 15 min to give you a few hours more of a charge.

With this said, you may not get a full 48 hours out of them as this is an estimate based on certain criteria. If you are playing it real loud, or using specific functions of the bud (other earbuds have noise canceling or etc) then this may reduce hours of use.

Thank You very much for this explanation. I did see info regarding how long a charge in the buds and the case would last, but your explanation about the lights and their meaning is definitely helpful!