Do Life Note 3XR Earbuds have a Volume Control?

I just returned 2 sets of cheap $20 earbuds to Walmart. One worked well enough for my purpose, tv listening with volume of Samsung tv on zero, but were terribly uncomfortable. These had a Volume control which I needed as the TV could not be set up to adjust volume when paired. So I tried a second pair from Tzumi. Very comfortable! Very loud! NO volume control! So Walmart gave me a refund and $42 richer, I ordered the 3XR. But I’m curious, do these also not have a Volume control? It looks like most users rely on their phone to adjust volume, but I am pairing to my Samsung TV and can’t find a way to adjust volume there. Thank you, Andy

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There you go, the @The_Professor answered your question.
I don’t own those so I can’t elaborate on how they sound, but I do like the Soundcore Earbuds I do have.