Do note prices go up when you exchange notes for coupons

So I was wondering; when you exchange your notes for the coupons, do the prices go up? I wanted to buy a $20 coupon to help buy a flare mini, but if the prices go up when you buy a coupon, I might reconsider and find another way.


You get a coupon code for the amount you exchanged for, as for the products pricing generally stay the same only way it would go up if they already gave you a clipable code and had it listed at say $30 off. You would only be able to use one code per transaction. So the $30 dollar off would be better and you couldn’t add your $20 off on top of the discount listed on site.

Hope that makes sense

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Ok, thanks @Unnamed!

Previous discussions when Soundcore first started.

5 dollars is worse coupon per note at 20 note. 10 dollar is the best at 10 for 30 noted

20 dollars to 100 basically are a set rate. (Multiple coupon by 5 to get note cost)

If 5 and 10 follow the same ratio, 5 dollar would be 25 and 10 would be 50 notes.

We think it was to attract new users to level.

Or you could save them for the next flair mini giveaway a go whole hog… 15 tix.

Sadly I’ve had an issue where I’ve tried to exchange notes over a month ago and the coupons never came through…

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@rpsly Really? So how many notes have you lost? It couldn’t be advertised?

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I haven’t lost any notes, I meant something like if the $10 coupons are 30 notes, If I buy 1, will the price go up to 40 notes or something?

Send through a message to Sean.l and let him know. He should be able to reverse.

I had same thing happen, and it sounds like a bit of a bug.

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Thanks for the pointers, I’m in liaison with Sean but sadly we seem to have hit a brick wall :slightly_frowning_face: