Do the Q35 auto turn off

If I don’t play any music etc do they fully turn off,if so after how long? To save the battery or do I always have to remember to turn them off.

So long as Bluetooth active connection, they won’t just power off.

But if you don’t connect them then they will eventually power off.

So connect to phone and mute phone to get silence, or something else not making sound.

If you’re not next to the headphones and want them to turn off then disconnect from your phone.

Ok so short of turning them off directly you have to turn blue tooth manually for them to turn off.
Maybe it’s an idea in future like you can with Tv’s where by if you don’t interact with them/have sound playing for say an hour they turn off automatically but give you a short warning before hand?

I’d not want that. Some buy for ANC alone to block sound and not playing anything, so happy to have disconnected power off.

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I wouldn’t want that feature either. I don’t do it very often but there are times, when I want the ANC on but nothing else.

But a setting within the app might be nice for those that want that option.

You know they got the timer for turning off the white noise machine. Wonder how much to change it to turn off headset.