Do the soundcore 2 has deep bass

Does the Soundcore 2 has deep bass compare to products like jbl ?

“Deep Bass” is very relative!
For some “deep” is really deep, for others its not satisfying. :grinning:
BUT with a good eq you may get a nice sound from that speaker.
I get this bass, not such “deep” for my ears even with the tiny ICON mini using a good eq.

btw: There is is not only ONE JBL model on the market as far I see… :wink:

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Although I do not do speakers too much for specific reasons, I can not say you could compare the soundcore 2 to deep bass with some of the jbl speakers. Now there is a couple of different soundcore speakers that are bass focused. (Flare and motion plus, I think).

I know community members will comment on this and express how well the device sounds.

If it is due to price, you could always stay on the community and interact some and etc. You can level up a little and be able to earn some notes that can be used to buy coupons to use with your purchase on the soundcore website.