Do you have- have you had your musical idol?

What was my greatest idol of my youth?
Maybe you are thinking: Michael Jackson, U2, Dire Straits, …? No!!!
It was Limahl from the band Kajagoogoo. His newspaper posters were of great value to us (for example, one newspaper poster I “sold” for 200 postage stamps) and hung in our rooms on the wall. So far I keep Limahl posters in a souvenir chest.
Hairstyle “on Limahl”, it was the height of fashion: “standing hair” we made using sugar dissolved in water (there was no varnish). Those were the times !!!
It has never happened again in our country.

And did you have your own musical idol?


I don’t think I ever had an Idol :rofl:
But agree on Limahl - he is great artist.

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I never really had a Musial Idol because I was never musically inclined. I had musicians I liked

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@ktkundy What you listen to on the headphones - you use mainly for phone calls,
watching movies🙂?
I only listen to music.

I would say otherwise: He was not a great artist, but my idol, when I was 13-15 years old, was huge. We stood in front of a magazine store early in the morning every Saturday morning hoping there would be a photo from Limahl😄