Do you have your collection of CDs, vinyl LPs, cassette tapes?

For several years, I have collected over 300 CDs with my favorite music.
I even built a cabinet itself to accommodate all the CDs.
When I have more time, I listen to CDs using large speakers and a CD player. Of course, when loud music does not disturb my wife. :smiley:

Do you have your own music collections?

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No music collection, but a large and continuously growing collection of Soundcore speakers.


Here’s some of the nearly 200 CDs I have

Some of the Concert / Music DVDs I have

Unfortunately I sold 200-300 albums I use to have at the urging of my ex-wife :cry:. A decision that still haunts me to this very day.

PS Did I mention I like music :rofl:

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Still have some CDs and MCs and even video casettes🤣

I have some CDs but no cassette. I grew up when cassettes were slowly phasing out and CD/DVDs were taking over. Don’t know if the small cassette collection we had is still in our home in India or not but do know we might have a few CDs there and we have some CDs for songs here since my car is old and doesn’t have bluetooth or AUX :joy:

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But you surprised me … :astonished:
I didn’t think you could collect speakers. And where do you store them - do you have a special room with shelves?
An interesting collector’s passion👍🏻

I keep it all in a small closet. Boxes full of speakers and speaker parts. Some parts up to 40 years old.

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A beautiful collection! And at least you bought a car with a sold CD​:joy:, did you sell it "for pennies":sob:?
I think we are the last generation that collected CDs.:thinking:
And you also have special audio equipment to listen to a CD, does the Hi- Fi set not matter to you?

@VertigoXX I still have cassette tapes (maybe 200) and video (maybe 100). I don’t know why I don’t throw them away - maybe I’ll sell them as a monument one day😂?

I actually got good money for the album collection. I have plenty of things that play CD’s. I have a little stereo system and PC that has a 2.1 Klipsch Satellite Sub-woofer set hooked up to it that both play CD’s (along with my car stereo). However I ripped all my CD’s to my PC’s hard-drive and memory card on my phone so I don’t really play the actual CD’s much anymore. I do play the concert DVD’s occasionally though. Just played the SRV Live at Montreux 2 DVD set the other day.

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So you have almost all the music in your computer, smartphone and car. Didn’t you want to buy some great Hi - Fi set? Me and my brother are “creazy😁” about sound quality.
Are you a student in the USA?
Your first time becoming a tester here at Soundcore?

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@matthew2ndson So you build your own loudspeakers from these parts?

I am a student in USA and no it’s my second time becoming a tester for Anker and it’s sister brands. For the most part, I’m fine with audio quality as long as it’s not too bad. I don’t drive as much anymore anyway so all my music/songs are from my computer unless I’m on campus (which I haven’t been in over a year now).

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I have in the past, yes.

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Now you have a beautiful life: fishing on the lake, bike, music and memories from concerts😀 … Now I just read that you ran an internet radio, you probably already have a long vacation until the end of your long life👍🏻.

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Pretty big cd collection here in my house some cassettes but we donated a lot of them a couple years ago for the most part. But cds are still a big thing here