Does anyone use wired headphones anymore?

  • Yes, I have specific reasons for using them
  • No. I tossed them out when I quit riding my dinosaur.

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I am on wired headphones right now because they are routing through my Blue Yeti mic, which provides transparency and integration with my desktop recording setup. I also carry wired headphones for in-flight entertainment. When they add BT connections to in-flight systems I’ll probably stop carrying the wired ones.

What about you?


Nah, I never use them. I have the Apple ones somewhere, but I don’t use them.

Yep still have and use my Sony MDR-7506…why? They give great sound and cost me £100 at the time :laughing:

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Sure, I still use them. Audio quality is better wired on all the headphones I’ve ever tried. If I’m really going to truly listen carefully to music then I will go wired every time as long as I have good quality headphones. Same in my car, wired even though I have Bluetooth as it sounds better wired. I can’t stand XM satellite radio for the same reasons, the music is too compressed and the same song on XM sounds way worse than playing it from my phone.

That said; I was listening through the default Apple provided wired headphones while cooking the other night and yanked the cord unplugged no less than 4 times as it got snagged on cabinet handles. Super annoying and can hurt too! Wireless will be way better for active uses so I’ve ordered some. Same for at work, wireless will be much more handy so wireless is my preference there also.

Ha! I keep things around sometimes because they were really expensive…only to find they are not so valuable after keeping them in the drawer for so long.

Of course I do.
The old Ipod I use doesnt support bt.
So I use Sennheiser MX 365.
Good old Apple item with 32GB. 1. generation.
Never needed change the battery.
Still good.
Suppose they made more quality in those days.

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The original iPod was great! I still have my modded one laying around somewhere. Added an upgraded SSD instead of the 32gb HDD

This is a very good choice. Most average consumers don’t know about sennheiser. I find it’s mostly industry experts that know this brand.

But I suppose you would know them because they are German!

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!! Who doesn’t know about Sennheiser!?

Still use a 32GB ipod as well - but much preferred my thinner 64GB that went into a river on a kayak float.
Great music products with minimal fluff.
As for the not being BT, you can get a BT transmitter and plug into the audio jack… if you were inclined to change it up every now and then. But like you, I have a wired set (Klipsch) that I prefer for audio quality and comfort over any BT option in my arsenal.

I have a pair of ME Audio Pro Iems, had them since the company came out with then and just finally split the cord. But they still work and rightfully so work great

This company is great.
So many innovations from Sennheiser.

Especially regarding , their great stage technology. (microphones and transmitters)
We used those at our chair in the really huge lecture halls.
(Connection to the laptop (Recording the lecture) and the hall’s audio system.)

Such a tiny mic and the transmitter has the dimension of a cigarette packet.
All very solid made. If dropping down, no issue.

I have my Anker
Soundbuds Verve Built-In Microphone
all the time with me in my backpack, use it for Calls or Music while in office. While at home always use Icon mini or Nano for handsfree.

I had such a BT transmitter, worked fine with the IPOD.
But : More things to carry around and to charge?
Using a cable via audio jack is easy, though “old styled”

I definitely still use my wired headphones, they never need a charge and they sound great. Whenever I am trimming audio I use my wired headphones so there isn’t any latency. Bluetooth is convenient, but I’m not giving up my wired headphones.

One of my first earphones other than stock earphones was Sennheiser but the eartips didn’t fit me at all and kept falling out :pensive:

I still use wired earphones as well but since my phone only has a USB-C port, it is really annoying to take out the earphones of the phone when my phone needs to charge.

What phone?

I remember I had those for testing. Great sound.
But problems with the plugs.
I can stand those plugs for a certain time, but after a while got some pains in my ears.
(Too old for such experiments)

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If a phone doesn’t have an aux port I won’t buy it, I have never played more than $50 for a phone and I haven’t bought one that didn’t have an aux. My main points when getting a phone usually revolve around it being cheap and being able to play music the way I want it to. I really don’t care about most of the other things phones do these days. I just want to play my music.