Does earphones cause any harm at all?

Old Aticle but popped up on my screen from nowhere…

Do you believe in this theory? I don’t.

No I don’t. Everything causes cancer In California lol

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Just the other day read about iPhone 11 have very high radiations than the normal…

This too may be true about BT… But there are no enough details or surveys to confirm, time will tell…

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It is unclear what radiation in general does to the human body over time in different quantities. So no direct evidence for harm that I can see, but can’t rule it out either. Our grandchildren will know better.

It’s pretty prevalent that radiation is bad for humans. There is zero evidence that is causes cancer though- especially considering that the one “cure” (not a really a cure) for cancer IS radiation.

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There is lots of evidence that radiation causes cancer. Whether the specific radiation and amount of energy exposure from bluetooth / wifi / whatever does is an open question, but radiation causing cancer in general is not in doubt.

Radiation treatments for cancer are effective, but it is because they kill the cells - not just cancerous ones, but all the ones in the targeted area. That area can be tightly targeted so it hits mostly cancer cells, but it is lethal to any it hits.

Exactly. That is the direct opposite of what cancer is. The problem is that people don’t understand what radiation is. There are tons of different kinds, and none of them are known to cause cancer.

There are wave lengths that are similar to radiation wave lengths that there is supporting evidence that they cause cancer, but they aren’t radiation. This would be the type of waves that microwaves emit- and similar type waves.

I think there is a terminology disconnect. Radiation just means the spreading of energy by transmitted waves, and covers all wavelengths - X-rays, gamma rays, visible light, microwaves and infrared are all forms of radiation. So are the millimeter wave body scanners most people willingly go through at the airport. Bluetooth and wifi are data encoded in a specific frequency of radiation.

The key question for the danger of any type of radiation is the extent to which it interacts with the body. The radiation that kills cancer cells interacts very strongly, so it can both kill cells and cause harmful mutations in them depending on the dosage. The same rays that are used to treat cancer also cause cancer.

At lower interaction levels, and lower energy levels, as with bluetooth, Wifi, and 4G cellular, nothing bad happens in the short term, but the long term takes time to evaluate. I’m not sure we have had enough time to evaluate that. It may mean an uptick in cancer rates to small to be concerned with over time, but we don’t know yet.

I do use all of those technologies personally, and think the risks are small. But I opt out of the mmWave scanners at the airport, as they are low energy but highly interactive with the human body (which is why they only penetrate your clothing and stop not far into your skin). Also probably low risk, but an easily avoidable one.

A good quora discussion going over a similar topic.


I do often wonder if there is a serious danger in using Bluetooth earbuds. I still use them though. Surely the levels that are emitted are minimal??

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Too loud -> Deaf!


wow…that was a detailed study on the topic. But I agree, we hear all sorts of complains about radiation, cancer and what not,… but nothing has been proven or no supporting facts released yet.

really, you need a high amount of radiation to cause substantial harm