Does Liberty Air 2 Pro announce the caller ID(like the airpods)?

Does Liberty Air 2 Pro announce calls and tell you who is calling?

Do not think so.

I may be wrong but that may be a functionality for just Apple. I mean Apple has set that up to do it when connected to airpods n not other devices per say.

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Agree with @Duane_Lester
There are many explamples when earbuds have extra features if used with the phone from the same maker

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It doesn’t but I usually have my phone in close vicinity so it doesn’t bother me. To be totally honest, I don’t usually use then for calls. I mainly use them to listen to music.

That is not a function of the bluetooth product but of the device you connected to and your settings on that device. The devices decides whether it does the text-audio conversion of a contact name into sound. The buds don’t do this as it’s too complex.

On Android at least you have to share contacts in the pairing.

I have plenty of Soundcore products and they play “call from…” on my Android phone, but it says it in a British female accent which I think relates to my Google account settings.

Thanks professor…

I just recently started using my phone for calls (we used to have one phone that she used as we areostly together) and although I figured Android had a similar feature , I just don’t mess with calling as much .