Does liberty air 2 still have ear detection senor?

Does liberty air 2 still have ear detection senor ?? And does it still have a good sound quality and battery??

The liberty 2 Airs still have ear detection and the battery and sound quality are still really great. If you want the absolute best sound quality check out the liberty 2 pros. @Mak37 if you have any other questions please let me know.

Hello @Mak37… The earbud may or may not have the in ear detection. At some point they started developing some of the earbuds without it and single tap. If it has 4.26 or so it is the in ear detection. If it is 10.12 or near that it’s the single tap and no sensor.

As @Duane_Lester about it being based on the firmware, but also from what I have noticed is if it is the white pair it more than likely doesn’t have the in ear sensor.

I thought so to but I heard one or two say they had the black but agree with mostly white

I heard some things about the black ones having the in ear detection. Here they have it listed.

But i have 1.53 version and i also get only 3 days of battery life including the charging case. Do no what to do ?

It is the one few soundcore two earbuds that i do not have. So I can really tell what I know or heard or similarity to others.

If they have made any new changes that could be correct.

You may want to check for updates potentially, The 3 days is not too bad. The 28 hours is most likely in ideal conditions. I think the air 2 can be paired individually. If the device is older, it may not pair individually but may piggy back off one earbud to connect to the other. If you are playing the music loud, it can affect battery life or you took them off charge too soon.

Will say on the case dots. 3 dots is 70 to100, 2 dots is 70 to 30 and 1 is set to about 30 to zero.