Does “party cast” connect to “tws” soundcore boom for multi speaker play? Thank you

Does “party cast” connect to “tws” soundcore boom for multi speaker play?

I’d like to get the “rave go” and have already the “motion boom”. Want to make sure they connect for stereo play.

Thank you!

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Unfortunately partycast can only connect with other partycast speakers.

Those with TWS can only pair with same model TWS… so if you have a boom, can only pair with another boom.

Not so sure on the rave go… perhaps another community member would know…

Only know of a trance go it has partycast. The rave product that is similar to it is the rave neo which also has partycast.

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You can’t pair the Soundcore Boom with a Soundcore Trance Go speaker together at the same time since the PartyCast speaker is not available to the Soundcore Boom speaker.

Definitely no.
TWS speakers can not be paired with partycast ones.

Not so fast there! Neo speakers can be hooked together for as long as one knows how to do it . Yet party cast speakers use a different way of setting up. Also keep in mind the you also have " true wireless pairing for left and right stereo sound is another way to hook your speakers up. It all depends on the host speaker. On Neo it can be very confusing because it is completely backwards from pairing rave and others just remember that funny round symbol, if it blinks fast then there’s your host. Slower blinking means its a slave and just placing it near will connect the speakers. Most speakers of different brands will not connect unless you have a cool pad phone,the only phone on the market that let’s u connect up to four mono Bluetooth speakers together or two if its in stereo how ever because of DSP digital signal processing it can cause a delay in the speakers or like a echo and coupled with bass tunes sounds like dj that doesn’t know how to mix! I found buying the same brand of speakers in any combo meaning I own 5 Neo speakers placed around my room and the sound is incredible and correct in tune and ultra dynamic. But don’t take my word for it try it out for yourself.

I just tested to connect the boom plus and the original boom and it wont connect sadly :frowning: please fix that with a update

Partycast or TWS?