Does soundcore app always need to be on? P3

New to soundcore after picking up some P3 earbuds. Love rhe soundcore app.

When I use my earbuds, do I need to make sure the soundcore app is running to get the full equalizer, ANC, etc. I noticed today when I put my earbuds in the music didn’t sound right. I opened the app which hadn’t been opened all day. Went to equalizer which was set to Piano. I switched to custom and noticed a big improvement. Went to Piano and it soumded like it should.

Is that common?

Never used “that app”.
There is no such “an app” on LINUX.
So my eq settings are stored on the LINUX device I use.
This is perfect for me and works perfectly.
(Stored a special setting there for each speaker model I use).

But we are talking about “the app” and buds.
Normally the eq settings created on “this app” should be stored on the buds/speaker.
This is what is always said here.
So the eq settings should work without using “the app”.
(eg. connection the buds to another device)

But I don’t know, never used “the app”. :laughing:

I have the p3 but tend to use the app ever so often. If you had signed in, it should have kept your settings, (if I remember correctly). I thought it was like if you went to another device that it should keep the setting but you had to be signed in for it to keep the setting

If you do not want to load the app all the time there is a widget you can add to your phone that will allow you to do a few functions such as ANC. (it is at least there on Android)