Does this count as released officially?

I am told to not post the Amazon link, but this is Soundcore’s website


The wired folks will like that as will Windows 10…

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I think so, but the release was supposed to be tomorrow…

It depends on where you are located…UK store it is already the 27th.

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Oh thats true @Duane_Lester

I saw the wired mic as well when. Looking at the UK site that you showed.

Well it’s tomorrow soon in Maine.

Does this mean it’s in the Asian sites even longer?

Now I’m confused

I thought the new thing was the Hi Red. It’s showing across

So they been Hi Res wired, and what’s new is Hi Res wireless?

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You are probably right on this. In the link you attached it stated in the above quote. I do hope they provide a thicker aux cable than they did in the q30.

Does this qualify as an official release? I do not know. I think since the different countries as they hit 12 am April 27th are opening up their sites to the item.

I think if they did an official release it would be more of a one time, right. I would think it would be staggered for the time zones… Pacific US 12 am East Coast (US) 3 am, UK 8 am and etc.

As it is available for purchase on their own site, one would think so however I guess it depends on whether the admins consider Amazon, Soundcore or the Community an official announcement platform…

….and recently between the communities that seems to be a grey area of agreement :thinking:


Looks promising. But I’ll definitely wait for some REAL reviews (not those yes-man YouTubers who all just extol the products without any critical listening and testing) and comparisons with Q30 and wait for a couple of months till they fix bugs before making a decision.

Well if quoting their own uploaded released Amazon listings is grey, then I guess I need a signed for by Steven Yang that the launch event counts as released as it’s grey also.

Not fooling me with a launch event. :wink:

Please do feel free to message me or any of the admins if you have any further confusion about the current TOS.

As stated in this week’s Core Update, if it’s on and readily available to purchase it’s safe to say it’s released. Enjoy!

So the big difference between the q30 and q35 seem to be:

Hi-res audio wireless through the LDAC technology (I think one of the reviews threads added today stated that this was with Android phones with this technology).
Wearing Detection
Aux cable with mic ability
One color at this time

I think my biggest surprise of the differences was probably the one color at this time. Just because, I could have swore that the podcast stated something on some colors or I may have misheard.

I will say that I think there was a big miss opportunity by soundcore.

I think they should have released the q35 first as part of their flagship for the headphones (right after the Liberty air 2 pro). I think the sales of a higher end q35 would have made sales probably greater without the q30 already released not long ago… The q30 could have came second as a more budget friendly of the q35 without some of the extra bells and whistles.


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Another difference is more mics outside for “AI-enhanced call quality”.

According to the early leaks, there should also be a beige color of Q35… I guess it may arrive later.

I only use what Anker has released information. The FCC posting from 2 months ago says a lot.

If there is only one colour now, I expect it’s nothing more than supply issues of what comes out of the factory first. If they say a particular colour (I won’t hint) and it’s not available for a known near date, then folks wait for it and so hurts sales.

As per their released podcast they talk about the colour, and as blue was out for other products it’s obviously not blue they meant.

So I’m expecting other colours at a date not necessarily logical but related to factory, shipping, warehouse.

If you literally just looked at the last product release it gives you the most probable hint. Blue sold well, so it’s obviously first to tell factory to make,then look at the other colours how well they were received and use logic as your best guide.

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