Driver Error on Life P2

Anyone else getting a driver error on their P2’s after the latest Windows 10 upgrade 4/14/22? They were working fine before that, but now after laptop startup, the driver error pops up when looking at bluetooth and other devices window. If I remove the device and then re-add its good. I didn’t do anything else. I suspect its a Windows issue (since its related to bluetooth), but wondered if anyone else had seen it and found a solution.

May be windows replaced the genuine driver of your bt card with its default one.
You should install the driver given by the manufacturer of your bt card.


I don’t have those particular Earbuds, but I haven’t tried connecting any BT devices since the update. I’ll give it a try later today.

Ran into this problem today. No drivers to update, but this seems to have fixed it for me:

I disconnected them from my computer, reset them, and they instantly connected as a single bluetooth device with audio in both buds.


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I like this solution.

All WIN user should do this.
We were talking about this driver issues a lot at the ANKER forum.

Glad you solved the issue

Nice to see you solved your problem! :+1: