Drum Covers by Sina

I’ve been following her YouTube channel for awhile now. I think she’s very talented.
Powerful drumming with quick sticks. Here’s a few samples throughout the years.
PS I think she’s still only 21. She has a bright future ahead of her!

Stargazer (Rainbow) Oct 2021

Eat The Rich (Aerosmith) 2020

Slow Ride (Foghat) 2019

Won’t Get Fooled Again (The Who) 2018

My Generation (The Who) 2017

Smoke on the water.(Deep Purple) 2016

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) Nov 2016 (Just because I really like this tune)

Tom Sawyer (Rush} 2015

Enter Sandman - (Metallica) 2014

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) Dec 2013


I know her, but never have her seen playing in a band,
which is a big difference than playing stand alone.

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Here you go (Ask and you shall receive). The 1st one is a collaboration with a few (I’m guessing) of her friends. I think this is very good!

Child In Time (Deep Purple Cover); Sina feat Rob Lundgren, Andrei Cerbu & friends

This is her playing a live Gig.

This is a clip from the above show.

Sina Drum Cam • Savage (The Gäs Live at the Groove Bar)

This is a different clip from another show. Recorded January 2019 at the Groove Bar (Cologne - Germany). I like this one quite a bit! :clap:

Great didnt know this.


Nice. Thanks for sharing


Appreciate the share…I recently saw a cool drummer but do not remember which one it was. Had some cool drum stick techniques

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Thanks for sharing all of these

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She is talented, and quite impressive. The post production of the videos is crazy, with all the insets and cuts.

All together quite good

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Agreed 100%. Her dad is a musician IIRC. If you get a chance watch the 1st video - Stargazer, I think it’s the best one and also one of the most recent @TheSnarkyOne.

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