Dual Bluetooth transmitter for Q30

I use my Q30 with Apple TV and got another pair so we could use them for watching movies together. To our disappointment, Apple TV can only connect to one pair of non-Apple headphones.

I tried one TaoTronics model, it had higher latency than Apple TV Bluetooth connection and had problems reconnecting with two pairs of headphones. Also, it was battery powered.

So, I’m looking for a Bluetooth transmitter that will:

  • take audio from Apple TV
  • have relatively low latency with Q30
  • connect to two Q30 at once
  • doesn’t have a battery (will always be cable powered)
  • will reconnect reliably

Any particular transmitter suggestions? Thanks.

I’m not sure if such a device exists. I’ll do some research and see what I can find.
Good luck in the mean time.


There are many such transmitters around.
But to find the fitting one for you, should take some research.
May be one of the regulars can help.